Kingdom Refurbishment

By June 14, 2017Uncategorized

After a successful 10 years of Kingdom being open as one of the most exclusive bars in the city we felt it was time for a change and thought it was time to bring a new branded Kingdom to the nightlife scene in Liverpool.

Kingdom’s VIP area was refurbished at the end of 2016 bringing The Baccarat Lounge to Kingdom, the luxurious lounge was designed by Delipa Cole and is sponsored by Dom Perignon. When the team decided to refurbish the main room we felt it would only be right to call Delipa back to design the Main Room area and create a next level bar and nightclub venue.

The bar is designed with a Moroccan Garden theme throughout, from hanging lanterns in the booth areas, to planted walls and the perfect amount of copper accessories.

Kingdom closed its doors to the public as its last night as we all knew it on 15th April and reopened 29th April as a newly branded Kingdom Bar offering a unique and welcoming space in which offers a high level of design in line with the clubs renowned high level of service.